Mining & Exploration - Borehole Exploration
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Mining & Exploration

Assay Drilling & Sample Handling

Assay Drilling

  • Assay sampling Reverse Circulation drilling – Unconsolidated formations and Hammer RC drilling.
  • Aircore Drilling- Assay sampling
  • Assay sampling auger drilling. This technology is ideal for drilling through unconsolidated alluvial deposits such as sand, silts, and clays.  The augers maintain borehole integrity and facilitate soil sampling and well installation.  It is the perfect application for environmental sampling because there are no additives, such as mud, used during the drilling process.
  • RC hammer drilling.

Sample Handling

At Helderberg Exploration we understand the seriousness of assay sampling. We take the greatest care to ensure that we deliver uncontaminated assay samples with precise handling and labelling. We ensure that borehole position and depth is accurately determined and documented.

Monitoring Drilling

Boreholes to monitor water quality as well as static and dynamic water levels.

Our monitoring holes are construction standard with:

  • Required sanitary seal to prohibit surface contamination.
  • PVC casing with Plasma-cut perforations sized to fit the formation grain size.
  • Silica gravel pack to protect the casing from silting up.
  • Concrete wellhead protector.
  • PVC well cap.

We can also fit the holes with lockable galvanized steel protection cages and piezo pressure sensors for continuous water level monitoring.

RC Drilling (Reverse Circulation)

RC (Reverse Circulation) drilling is a method of drilling where the drilled out cutting is blown out of the borehole via the drill rods and is captured on the surface in a controlled manner. The advantages of this drilling method:

  • It’s a very clean dust-free drilling process.
  • It’s very suitable to collect assay drill samples.
  • Reduced water use compared to diamond core drilling.

Casing Advancement Drilling (SYMMETRIX / ODEX)

Casing advancement systems, or drilled casings, are today’s preferred method for drilling in difficult ground conditions, for example, where there are boulders or loose formations.

As much as 90% of the land surface of the earth is covered with loose, unconsolidated material. When drilling in so-called overburden, the conditions are often challenging with the risk of collapsing walls, hole deviations, and failure to reach design depth or bedrock.

The casing advancement system is comprised of an ingeniously simple method of drilling through overburden while advancing the casing into the hole at the same time. This enables contractors to perform their work faster with higher quality and reduced risk. The system adds value whether the mission is to install foundation, support elements, or simply case the hole in collapsing formation.

Company Profile

Helderberg Exploration Drilling, established in 1998 and has grown into an extremely professional and capable drilling contractor.

Helderberg Exploration Drilling is committed to safety and we ensure that we provide a service that is compliant with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993 and any additional operational requirement demanded by our clients.

Helderberg Exploration Drilling take pride in the fact that we work in the most social and environmentally responsible way possible. We constantly strive to uplift our employees and surrounding communities. We also leave the smallest possible environmental footprint without compromising the quality of work we deliver.


“Our reputation is everything”

Drilling companies need local knowledge, regional expertise and results you can trust. These are the characteristics that define Helderberg Exploration Drilling.

Helderberg Exploration Drilling is a privately owned family business providing an extensive range of drilling services. We specialize in pastoral, mining, community, government and commercial sectors across South Africa. Helderberg Exploration Drilling’s customer focused approach and our ability to provide the best project solutions is fundamental to our continuing success. Over the years we have consistently demonstrated our ability and capacity to provide certainty in terms of delivery and costs. This reputation has enabled our company to build long term relationships with our clients.

Helderberg Exploration Drilling provides 3 core services; Water Well Drilling, Exploration Drilling, and Water Borehole related equipment. Located in Western Cape, South Africa, we have extensive local knowledge, expertise and a strong regional support network. This gives our clients the confidence that we can deliver the best practice, cost effective and reliable drilling projects and services.

Insurance and liability

Helderberg Exploration Drilling has full health and equipment insurance. We also acquire full third party insurance to the requirement and specification of our clients