Water Boreholes - Borehole Exploration
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Water Boreholes

Water Borehole Drilling

We are experts at drilling water boreholes in difficult ground formations and difficult-to-reach places. We take great care to ensure the smallest possible impact on the environment by working neat, safe, and never cutting any corners.

Tanks, Pumps and Filtration

We install expert custom designed pump, tank and filtration system. Any water handling system we install is optimised to fit you specific requirement and budget.

From basic garden irrigation water delivery to food factory water supply from you borehole perfectly to you need.

Existing Borehole Rehabilitation

There are many reasons a borehole might fail and require rehabilitation. Boreholes fail mostly because of incorrect initial construction or borehole casing failure because of ageing. We will expertly assess your borehole and recommend the most cost-effective way to repair without compromising quality.

Borehole Yield Testing

It is of vital importance to do a proper borehole yield test to correctly assess your borehole for the:

  • Viability for the task the water is required for.
  • Selection of tanks, pump and filters.
  • Impact the borehole might have on the environment.

We test boreholes to comply with SANS 10299 & BWA regulations.

Water Quality Testing

Commercially used drinking water must comply with government regulations as stipulated in SANS241. Water chemical analysis is also crucial to assess if it will be beneficial to or negatively impact agriculture or your garden.

We do onsite water analysis with our mobile testing equipment and submit expertly collected samples for advanced SANAS approved testing.